Habachi Night

4 years ago

Hey guys I know I should have put this up last week when we did this but I didn`t have time to put it up and then I forgot about it. But anyways here it is.

Last weekend we had a habachi night. It was my second oldest brothers idea but we all decided to pitch in and get a little something for our habachi night. My second oldest brother bought the beef, shrimp, and veggies. And he seasoned them with some yummy seasoning.

My husband and I made kimbap which is a Korean dish. The way we made it is probably not the correct way to make it but I like it this way better. It consists of seaweed wrap, ham, eggs, carrots, rice, and pickles. I know your supposed to use picked radish but I don`t like the taste of picked radish so I replaced it with pickles.

My sister plus the help of my third oldest brother made dukbokki with octopus. Dukbokki is also a Korean dish and basically is translated to spicy rice cakes.

My younger brother bought the beer and his girlfriend bought the soda. My oldest brother and my sister-in-law bought the liquor for the mix drinks that my sister was making.

All in all it was a pretty fun night. No one got drunk or anything it was just a nice, fun get together for our family. I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos because just looking at them makes me hungry.

*PHOTOS BELONG TO ME minus the one with all the people in it. That one is my brothers girlfriends photos*

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