Haagen Dazs Mooncake

4 years ago

The Chinese mid-Autumn festival is just 2 weeks away and I`m already craving chocolate mooncakes.

In an earlier post, I wrote about mooncakes and what the mid-Autumn festival celebrates.

In a traditional sense, mooncakes are mostly sweet and savory, with lotus paste and two duck egg yolks in the middle. This makes it very fattening, about 1000 calories each.

This Haagen Dazs mooncake is much less than that. It`s about 300-400 calories each and it`s made of ice cream with a chocolate shell. They have different flavors such as peach, strawberry and lychee if you don`t like chocolate.

Most of the newer generation prefer these non-traditional mooncakes as the taste resembles what they regularly eat and on a health scale, it is much better for you.

One of the most popular non-traditional mooncakes is the Haagen Dazs ones as they are tailored to match the young generations` tastes. More and more families give out this mooncake in Asia now though the traditional ones are still popular amongst parents and grandparents.

I`m actually very jealous of my sister and mum who are going to Hong Kong and Shanghai for the mid-Autumn festival as the Haagen Dazs mooncakes are only available in Asia. I wish they could bring me back some =(

But they look really good don`t they?

*photo is sourcelinked*


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