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What is In Japanese, it means grilled meat. Basically, it`s like Japanese BBQ, similar to Korean BBQ. If you watch Naruto, they eat it a lot in that anime. I don`t watch Naruto, but when my boyfriend asked me what Yakiniku is, I told him it was good and we were going no matter what. lol. When we got there, he told me that they have Yakiniku a lot in Naruto because the fat guy likes, but they call it Barbeque, so, for you Naruto fans, Yakiniki is the bbq that they always eat! Anyway, my first experience Yakiniku was actually at the in New York City (Manhattan) two years ago :) At that time, I was just visiting New York City with a friend and another friend (a New York City native) suggested that we eat there, so we did and I fell in love! My friend and I told the waiter that we actually weren`t from New York and actually from the Midwest and he informed us that there was a Gyu-Kaku opening up in Chicago later that year! It`s a little on the expensive side, so I didn`t when /viz/chicago-7 2011 cause I had a group of friends, but since it was only my boyfriend and I this time, I was DETERMINED to go. Since it was New Years, they were having specials. On New Years Eve, they had 1cent Champange and $20 Kobe Beef Platters, we didn`t go on NYE, but instead went on New Years where they had an All You Can Eat special. They actually had two, one was $17.95/person and the other was $28.95/person and the only difference was the $29 one had more veggies. We opted for the $17.95/person cause it`s cheaper and we wanted the MEAT!! When we got to the restaurant, it was PACKED. We ended up having to wait about an hour and a half for a table! For Chicago locals, the restaurant is on Rush Street. For those that don`t know Chicago, that means that it was next to Michigan Ave aka /viz/magnificent-mile-chicagos-michigan-avenue aka the shopping district of Chicago. So we just walked around the stores to kill the hour and a half. When we got there, it was actually still happy hour (meaning they their meats are on discount - see pictures). We were actually thinking of getting one All You Can Eat then some happy hour dishes (it says no sharing on the menu, but they said as long as we didn`t have one person order like 10 dishes from the all you can eat and the other order only one happy hour thing it would be fine... In other words, just don`t share the MAJORITY of it). The server said that usually people get
2 dishes per person and are good to go (I forget how many ounces of meat are on each plate... Sorry!). Well, we ended up deciding to get 2 All You Can Eats, cause both of us were hungry (didn`t have breakfast, and the 1.5 hour wait really helped!). In the end, guess how many dishes we got altogether. Guess... Are you ready? 12. LOL. Yes, you heard me
TWELVE PLUS 2 soups and 1 bowl of rice. We were really hungry, and determined to get our money`s worth! I calculated it out in the end it would`ve cost
$48.40 with the happy hour prices or
$81.40 at regular price. But with the special, we only paid
$35.90+tax&tip. Well, worth the price, I think. Regarding the actual meal, we got at least one dish of everything offered on the menu, except the chicken because we figured chicken isn`t too special. All the meats were sooo delicious. My favorite was the
New York Strip Streak. The little squares of meat were marinated in a sauce, I`m not quite sure what sauce, and I`m not sure HOW they marinated it... But let me tell you, it was pretty darn delicious! Looking at the raw meat, you couldn`t really tell it was marinated. It wasn`t dripping of sauce or anything. And when you put it on the grill, it didn`t leak or anything (like sauce didn`t spill out). But once that steak was done cooking and you bite into, all the delicious and savory tastes just ooze out into your mouth and send your taste buds to heaven! I`m not even exaggerating, it was that delicious!! Second up, was the
Yakishabu which is a beef brisket. It was just brisket, and it wasn`t as marinated as the steak, but still delicious. There are two sauces on the table, a sweet and spicy one (it wasn`t spicy at all though, trust me! I am VERY sensitive to spicy foods) and normal soy sauce. They also give you lemons because some of the meats are good with lemon. The waiter suggested eating the Yakishaku with the lemon. That was pretty good, but I liked it best with the sweet and spicy sauce :) My boyfriend`s favorite was the
Gyu-Tan, or beef tongue. It was pretty good as well. A little tough, but still pretty good. The waiter suggested eating it with lemon, and I would say I think that is the best combination as well :) Just because I noted the spicy-ness of the sauce and if anyone wants to go to Gyu-Kaku and try some of their foods. If you are sensitive to spice like me, I wouldn`t suggest getting the
spicy pork. We got a dish because we wanted to try at least one of everything on the menu, and it was much too spicy for me. The pieces are small, and I couldn`t even finish half a piece :( I had to give it to my boyfriend, too spicy. I even tried dipping it into the lemon to tone down the spice, it helped, but was still pretty spicy. It was fine for my boyfriend though, he just said he prefered the beef since it`s the specialty of yakiniku. So, if you`re sensitive to spice like me, I`d suggest you forgo the spicy pork! :) I`ll leave a little list of the plates that we ordered, and how many we ordered! If you want to ask about any of them, go ahead and leave a comment below :) I could go on and on about this place, but this post is getting a little long, as is.

  • 3 Gyu Tan 2 Kalbi Toro 2 Yakishabu 1 Rib Eye Ribs 1 Spicy Pork 3 New York Steak 2 Miso Soup 1 Rice

Just a last comment. The service here is excellent. Everything is very good all around, the atmosphere, the service, the food. Everything. The main reason I wanted to come back here so bad wasn`t because of the food, but the atmosphere and service. When I went in New York, I was so impressed by the service that my friend and I left a comment card complimenting the waiter on his excellent service and left our emails to be added to the mailing list so that I would never forget the name of this place :) Have any of you ever had Yakiniku or, specifically, Gyu-Kaku?

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