Gyoza amp Chicken for appetizer

4 years ago

My boyfriend was craving sushi, but I wasn`t since I had sushi a few days ago. We ended up getting happy hour- at a sushi restaurant I can`t pronounce- with my sister and her boyfriend.

For appetizer, I always get gyoza, either it be the vegetable or pork kind. My boyfriend decided to also get the chicken appetizer. Our waitress asked us if we wanted rice with our chicken, and we said yes because we thought it was free, which is not free lol. It was 85 cents for a small bowl. The gyoza was $3.50 for 5 pieces, and that`s on happy hour!! This place is not the tastiest place, and their store and tableware do not look the best, so I don`t think they should be charging so much for the food.

The chicken I did not like so much, but the rice I did. It was sticky and yummy. The gyoza was pretty tasty, but I felt unsatisfied since there were so little of it.

-Pictures are mine.

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