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5 years ago

Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow showed up on Glee some time ago, i have noticed a lot of articles on her physic and how she looked good ( they probably existed before, but i think her funny role on Glee helped a little).
She got praises for how she works out and keeps fit, to which she mention the help of her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson. Tracy Anderson has a workout dvds and books for weight loss and that was the philosophy that Gwyneth Paltrow choose.
I won`t develop more on that workout and diet plan, but i remember i haven`t heard the best comments on it and that is actually dangerous.

Besides being dangerous, it did apparently helped Gwyneth to get in shape and she talked about it on her website/blog ( which i also found out recently) but what she is adversting now on her website is something I think its a mistake : a detox program!
I have come to learn that every time i hear the word detox for a diet, i only hear "problems"! The detoxes are very dangerous because you are depriving your body of essential nutrients and on her plan you do get supplements but its not the same thing. Besides not only losing some nutries and depriving your body of actual foods, you have some very bad days, i mean, going on a balenced diet can be already difficult so on a detox is even worse.
In my opinion and from what i have read, there is not such thing as a detox program, you get rid of toxins and harmful foods by cutting out process foods and making better choices.
By the way, the detox plan will definitely slim down your wallet at 425$!

So Gwyneth supporting a detox when she is a person that others look up to is a bad idea in the way i see it, she should encourage good diet and exercise, i mean, thats what helped her get her body!

<strong>What do you think of Gwyneth Paltrow?
And her a detox program? Would you buy it?
Do you think she should be more careful on what products she endorses(like this)?</strong>

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