Guns n Roses vs Nirvana!

5 years ago

i feel like this is the classic "batall", Gunners and nirvana fans insit in it for ages now! I wanted to know what`s your opinion?

I find nirvana overrated... I honestly have my doubts if all people that claim to be nirvana fans really are... being a nirvaan fan is just cool, you just have to say "I love nirvana", and you`re cool... I have my doubts if even half of their fans are real fans!
I also have never been into their thing... they have poor writting skils, Kurt is just so tacky, I like his voice even though I don`t find it anything special compared to other voices, Dave is defneitely the bets in the band in my opinion!
For em nirvana arne`t better than any mainstream band from this generaiton, that`s what they are... mainstrem, their lyrics sucks and thye just added catchy beats to it... I don`t get the diference between grunge or mainstream...

On the other hand, I really love Guns n` Roses, I think they`re the complete oposite, their lyrics are really good, people talk about Bob Dylan, John Lenon, Jon Bon Jovi, but they forget about all the amaizng lyrics Axl wrote such as Civil War, Estranged, November Rain... He`s just amazing and he has got such so characteristic voice, kurt never got that! Not to mention Slash right?! I loled all the way when a guy told me kurt is a much better guitarrist than Slash lol!

Nirvana are overrated, they not that good if you analyse them really close, on the other hand, in guns n Roses they were all so talented and nothing was missing form the lyrics, voice and instrumental... For me it`s GUNS N ROSES ALL THE WAY! Yes Axl`s a divs, but with a voice and phisic like that he can really behave the way he wants to ;)

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