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OH MY GOD I`M SO FREAKING EXCITED! I was on facebook, on Lash & Perla`s oficial facebook:, and I saw this link where Slash said on an interview that he "would love to play. It`s just, one of those things where I know that it`s not going to happen, so", though he said that, he also added that it may not happen, considering everything that happened between the band... But the fact that he said he would love to play on the rock and roll hall of fame, and Slash and Axl are the most resiliant when it comes to a reunion, I think it`s a HUGE step, I`m so excited, I just hope I don`t get disapointed...

IN MY OPINION, as a fan, I think they should play one night together, one night doesn`t mean forever, and though the reasons of their break-up never were officialy told, we all know they weren`t getting along... I tihnk that for the fans that would love this to happen, for those who supporteded them through this years and still do now, their old music, their new music... We`re still here, the old gunners, the newest members.... we`re here, and we love them, I didn`t now who Guns were until 2 years ago but they changed my life... Unfortunately they broke up too somn and I will never get the chance to see them live, but this... This would be a one in a lifetime opportunity... Just for once they or Axl, or all of them, it doesn`t matter, the pride should be put asside becuse we`re all here and we have GUNS N ROSES written all over our body... For the old, for the new and for the coming fans just one night that would mean the entire world to all of us:)

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