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4 years ago

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Here comes another game review by me!. This one is called Gundam: Battle Assault 2. Released in 2002 for the Play Station 1, BA2 is a side fighting game. Many of the characters from famous Gundam series pilot their mobile suits against one another in a best 2 out of 3 round fight.

The game play`s controls are just like many other fighting games with basic fighting moves and other more complicated button combinations to use specials moves and such. You mainly use the Direction D-Pad and the X, /, O, and square buttons in combinations to use different moves and attacks. Each Mobile Suit has its own set of moves, attack combinations, and weapons. You must use these combinations and weapons to bring out the best fighting moves for each mobile suit. Graphics for the game was very well done. Each Mobile Suit`s moves were HAND ANIMATED including the battle damaged versions. This extra care for detail added to the superb graphics this game showed for a 32bit game. This made for excellent and more realistic fighting. There was no real clunkiness to the Mobile Suits and this also made for very smooth transactions between moves and attacks. Sounds effects were mostly from the anime series, but several were reproduced to sound as close to the real sound effects from the many anime series as possible. Each Mobile Suit was given its own sound effects that matched the ones from the series, adding to the realism of the game to try and match the anime series. The soundtracks were custom made for the game, most of which blended music from the anime series and mixed them up into battle techno loops for the fights. This added the fast-pace feel of the fighting rounds thereby making the fights way more exciting. There was no real "story" to the game since this was a fighting game, but it did have "Story Rounds" where you could play as a pilot with his signature Mobile Suit against all of the Mobile Suits he fasted in the series he was in. Other modes to the game was VS COMP, VS 2ndPlayer, and Endurance, which had you fighting ALL the available Mobile Suits to see just how many fights you could win against the computer without having your health restored between fights. I got through 24 rounds before finally dieing. Beating my VERY ANGRY brother by about 14 rounds.

All in all this game was excitingly fun. My Brother and I both spent hours and hours playing it and against each other, seeing who could have the most wins.... needless to say I had the most wins. So if you`re looking for a very good animated fighting game that`s a little different from the Human vs Human variety, then I HIGHLY recommend this game. It will keep you going for hours!

As for Battle Assault 1 and 3, sadly I never got to play them. So no game reviews for them. :<

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