Gun Show Part 1 - Biceps and Shoulders

5 years ago

So in conjunction with kettlebell swings. I also use my 5lb dumb bells to work out on my arms to try and sculpt those flabbers hello yes my hand and my arm fat are both waving at you because my pipes are not muscular to the point that the triceps and biceps are toned that they won`t wave back lol.

Starting with your arms to your sides with the dumb bells as in picture 1, do the bicep curl up as shown in picture 2. Make sure that your back is straight and your elbow is not moving from the position it is in to work the muscles properly. It is important to not sway with your weight as it can cause damage to your back.

We are next going to do the bicep curl in picture 3 except instead of starting out like picture one we will be holding the dumb bells with your palms facing forward and then curling up and maintaining form.

In picture 4 we are going to start in this position and do a reverse bicep curl. Holding the dumb bells with your palm facing outwards, we will lower the dumb bells down to the starting position of bicep curl 3 and then repeat. This is the most intense bicep work out for me. Feel the burn no really you will if the weight is heavy enough.

I like to work out my biceps from different angles and exercises so that they do not get use to the same exercises.

Picture 5 I am so sorry for the form because mom was not able to take the lateral raise pictures in time for 6 tries and my arms got sore from holding the dumb bells up continuously, but starting from picture 1 raise the dumb bells up. Your arms should end up parallel to the ground. This works your deltoids/shoulders and your back as well.

In picture 6 we are doing the lateral raise at a different angle and you start with the dumb bells and your palms facing towards you on your thighs and then light the dumb bells til they are parallel to the ground.

Picture 7 we are about to do a deltoid fly to picture 8. I didn`t realize that mom did not fully take the last photo as well. Starting with picture 7 and back straight and knees slightly bent raise the dumb bells all the way up like if you had wings are were to "fly." Picture 8 I am half way there. To get to the finish point the dumb bell should be about where my elbow is in the picture. Sorry for not completing this I did not know until I had showered and changed and was not going to do it again lol.

These are the bicep and shoulder exercises I do. I alternate between working out shoulders and biceps between triceps to give the muscles a day`s break in between so they can rest. I usually do these 5 exercises alternating between kettlebell swings as part of the "arm" part of my 300 reps work out where I will do 10 arm work outs, 10 core work outs, 10 leg work outs x 10 times. So an exmaple would be:

10 kettlebell swings, 10 core exercises, 10 leg exercises
10 bicep curls, 10 core exercises, 10 leg exercises
10 kettlebell swings, 10 core exercises, 10 leg exercises
10 reverse bicep curls, 10 core exercises, 10 leg exercises and etc til you reach 10 sets of 30.

Promise next time I will finish the photos and have better form or try to lol. I am not a personal trainer, this is just what I do which I have seen from watching various videos online. I cannot stress having proper form so that you do not hurt your back.

Did you enjoy the gun show? I tried to impress you haha
Are you doing any work outs for your biceps and shoulders that you`d like to share with me?
Do you plan on doing these at home?

Pictures are mine and post is mine and you do not have permission to use them

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