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5 years ago

We shall talk about the arm, chest, and shoulder exercises first =)

In pictures 2, 3, and 4. I am doing a bent over row to a tricep kick back. With feet about shoulder`s width apart and knees slightly bent and dumb bells in position, bring the dumb bells upto your body as in picture 3, while exhaling and hold for a brief second and kick back your arms as in picture 4. This will work out your middle back, biceps, triceps, lats, and shoulders.

In pictures 5 & 6 I am just doing a bent over row in the same body position as the previous exercise but with the dumb bells positioned so your palms are facing towards you and not at each other like the previous positions. Bring the dumb bells up and exhale while doing it. This will work the same muscle groups, but will not be focusing on the triceps as much mostly the middle back, biceps, lats, and shoulders.

Since the triceps consist of 3 muscles I try to work them out with different exercises. So with the overhead extension shown in pictures 7 & 8, we will start with legs shoulder width apart and with the body straight and dumb bells in position like picture 7, then we will extend your arms above your head to contract the triceps, hold briefly and lower with control. If you cannot do it with both arms, try doing it with one each time.

Pictures 9, 10 & 11 are another combo exercise. Standing about hip width apart curl biceps up to picture 10 and then press and lift your arms up and exhale to picture 11. I like to do which is a bicep curl to a press, which works out biceps, triceps, shoulders, and your pectoral muscles.

Pictures 12 & 13 are just a dumb bell press, which will work out your chest, shoulders, and triceps primarily and is similar to the last two steps of the previous exercise.

Onto the update. I have been eating like a pescatarian for the past week or so and have been only eating eggs, veggie ground, cheese, nuts, tofu, greek yogurt and fish like sole, tilapia, and salmon and cut out all other animal protein sources. I`ve noticed an increase in energy and it seems to be easier to tone up without having red meat or chicken in my diet as the protein sources I am eating are more easily digested to be used up by the body. My goal ultimately is to tone up for the year, primarily the core area and arms since I have a bunch of weddings to attend and want my arms to look friggin fantastic in the sleeveless dresses I plan on wearing. I`ve been working out every other day so about 4 times a week usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday as I was working out Monday-Friday at first and noticed a lot of soreness in my muscles and joints as I did not have enough recovery time. On the off days minus Saturday I have been doing 15 minute jogs/walks as I am supposedly going to do a half marathon later this year haha, we`ll see about that. My post work out snack has remained the same throughout the past 2 weeks, which is fat free plain greek yogurt with sliced bananas, so I can get my protein and carbs in one shot. Once my arms don`t wave, my mid section doesn`t jiggle when I flick at it when relaxed not tensed, and my butt is toned I will be at my goal. Also if I could run a half marathon that`d be pretty kick arse, but I am sort of not counting on that haha because the training schedule is hardcore and I like to exercise for 15 mins not run 2.5 hrs yikes haha.

Did you have a New Year`s Resolution to lose weight or tone up?
Are you sticking to it?
Is there anything physically that you`d like to accomplish this year?
Have you tried eating like a pescatarian?

Pictures are of me and you do not have permission to use them. I am not a physical trainer. This is what I do and what seems to be working

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