Gum paste Flowers for decorating cakes!

4 years ago

So as I have said in a previous post I am new to the baking world, but I am also in love with it. Little creations that I can share with friends and family, but I can also be creative with! It`s amazing! I love looking through blogs and looking at the beautiful decorations! I found that much of those decorations are made from Fondant or Gumpaste. for lack of a better way to describe it is is basically a gummy dough that can be molded into different shapes and when left out will dry allowing you to add it to a cake as decoration. Gumpaste is usually what is used to make the flowers beause it dries harder, while fondant is often used as a covering to cakes because it is softer and easier to cut. I have yet to make a very successful fondant. Though I`ve really only tried it once, and that was a few months ago., About a week or so ago I celebrated a friends birthday, and decided I wanted to make roses to decorate the cake with! So I did much more research watched an huge number of youtube videos and drove 60 plus miles to the nearest bakery supply store. (I live in a college town [as I am currently going to school] and it is overall very sad that the nearest bakery store is so far away!) and talked to the store attendants there (who sadly had never made their own gum paste before as they always used the pre-made ones). But there I got the toos, and I actually got gum tex and glucose from Joan! Who would have guessed that they would have it! A wonderful find. :) but they didn`t have gum trag which I have read from my research is supposed to be better, but oh well. It turned out pretty well I think! The gum paste was still a little off from perfect, I kept trying to make bows, but the gum paste dried in a funny manner, and would end up cracking along the edges before the middle was dry and it was just not working. But the flowers turned out well!! I learned off of this great youtube video (the shared link I believe is the best one on youtube) and just played around with it for the entire day, I probably spent way to much time doing it but i must say it was a lot of fun! And I had gotten to petal powder (it`s like paint only specific for gum paste) that stuff is expensive! $5 for a tiny little container, but well worth it I suppose as I am sure it will last me a while, so I got pink and yellow, and dusted it onto my flowers and added a little water for the color to stay.
I can`t wait to try again!!!

Have any of you made gum paste before? Any suggestions for why it is cracking? Would any of you care to try? What do you think about it all?

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