Guilty Pleasure - Pepsi Max

4 years ago

I know I know, Aspartame is bad for you, but I just love Pepsi max too much to give it up ><

Trust me, I`ve tried to drink regular Pepsi and Coca Cola before, but there was just too much sugar in it. I remember I got a severe migraine and I was very jittery when I had a can of regular pop.

Hence I`ve always stayed with Diet Cola. I react a lot less with it. It`s funny because I actually got used to the aftertaste of diet pop.

And believe me, I`ve tried getting off pop and there were disastrous results.

The first time I got off pop for 3 months straight and I ended up in the hospital twice due to severe stomach cramps and indigestion. I also retained about 20 lbs of water and I almost died from water poisoning. It was not the caffeine because I tried drinking copious amounts of green tea which is a diuretic.

The second time I got off pop for a month, I ended up getting 7 different x-rays, blood tests and samples done because my stomach was bloated from gas and I had to eat Gas X everyday to release it.

Both times, once I started drinking pop again, I was fine.

You see, I grew up very poor so my mum used to feed my sister and I TV dinners, kraft dinner, cup noodles and instant noodles every day. I think that because my body is so used to chemically enhanced food, organic food actually hurts me. The last time I tried to eat organic fruit, I ended up vomiting it out. And I don`t vomit.

Guess I`ll stick to my Pepsi Max then.

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