Guava and Cream Cheese Empanadas

4 years ago

Needed to repost since LUUUX email posting decided it wanted a bite and ate all the content I typed up.

This is a classic Cuban dessert dish and its one that I find I really enjoy, even though it is well, generally unhealthy especially if you fry them (which these were). Id assume you can bake them off to make them healthier, but I have never tried to make them that way, nor have I ever had one that was baked vs. fried. ANYWAY!

My mother had picked up some guava at the grocery store (and not the actual fruit, they sell what they call guava paste in a box/tin). Guava paste is what I could loosely base upon a jam but since this is a paste its in a hard form and you have to cut it up to serve. She wanted to make some guava and cream cheese empanadas so she picked up some Goya discos and cream cheese. She ended up whipping these up as a dessert to share with my brother, sister-in-law and her friends this past weekend.

I admit by the looks of the inside it looks rather unappealing, but its actually REALLY good! The guava in this case should have been cut smaller because it tends to be very, very sweet so I actually only ate half the piece of guava in this and discarded the rest. But the combination of cream cheese and sweet guava is a delicious combo. The crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside shell just pulls it all together and makes it scrumptious.

Have you ever had guava and cream cheese empanadas?

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