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When I think of Guatemala I actually get brought back to grade 4 where there was a kid named Victor in my class who was Guatemalan and you know why I remembered him? Because he ate glue haha. Guatemala is a Central American country which has a population of roughly 13,276,517. The country is mountainous, has desert, sand dune patches, and hilly valleys. Due to its location is it prone to being a target for hurricanes. Guatemala has 252 listed wetlands, including 5 lakes, 61 lagoons, 100 rivers, and 4 swamps which makes it a great spot for ecotourism. Funerals in Guatemala usually happen as soon as possible to provide quick passage to heaven. They usually involve rum and candles and they believe crying slows down the deceased`s journey into the next life.

Do you know of any other beliefs from other cultures regarding funerals?
When you think of Guatemala what do you think of? GO :p

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