Grunge (?) Sucks!!!!

4 years ago

What an inetresting combination... James and Alice in chains....
James wasn`t a fan of grunge (?) I think that`s the name for the 90`s mainstream bands) and I hope he didn`t turned into one :O... As you may have realised I so am not a fan of grunge (?), alice in chains, nirvana, whatever that`s all the same thing for me... I don`t know... everyone always says "nirvana!nirvana!nirvana!" and I`m the black sheep that says "shut that up"... everyone seems to love nirvana and to me smeels like teen spirit and that crap is as mainstream as a song by gaga and bieber... the same about alice in chains... yes I can recognze the few talented kurt and the lead singer of aic had, but that doesn`t gives them any credit as musicians, at least not for me...

I hate grunge I don`t know who had the idea of coming up with that... James`s voice and talent is way too good to sing with alice in chains... at least Metallica`s song are meaningful and well written aren`t about "rape me, rape me" or songs like this... I gotta be honest I do have a problem with this music style... as if... wehnever someone tells me, i love nirvana and alice in chains I`m like "done with you!"... I just can`t take them serious as music lovers... they just cna`t write a song, theyr`e all about drugs and drugs, and we all know those times were all about drugs but camon... Guns n roses, Metallica and many others bands on drugs created meaningful lyrics and epic songs... these bands created... well nothing... I think that teens related to them for being so angry for the will for destroying things...

what`s your opinion about this music?

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