Grumpy Cat Mug from Forever21

2 years ago

Hi everyone! This past Saturday my mom and I decided to go shopping, which we haven`t done together in a few months because I was studying for a really important test. My mom and I have gone out individually, of course, but it`s always more fun to go out with someone and NOT have a huge exam looming over you.

Forever21 is usually not a place where I go looking for knick-knacks; I`m there for the clothes and the accessories, but while I was passing the registers, I stumbled across this Grumpy Cat mug. I`m also not really a cat person, but I like Grumpy Cat...mostly because its memes are really funny.

I have always had a thing for mugs, even before I ever started drinking coffee. There`s just something about a good mug. A few months ago, my mom got a Keurig coffeemaker, so our coffee consumption has exponentially increased. What a perfect situation for someone who buys a lot of mugs...

This mug was perfect for me because I`m definitely not a morning person. There really is no such thing as a good morning for me. When I do have to wake up early it`s usually at 6am for class, and then I`m stuck in traffic for about an hour, and too many people + bad drivers = a bad start to my day. I`ve gotten into numerous near misses on my morning commute, so if I could avoid driving altogether I would be really happy.

Thanks for reading! Do you like collecting mugs?

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