Growing your own green onions!

4 years ago

Really this is more for fun than for actual function, though the green onion does grow decently fast, and I suppose if you grow enough of them it could work very well!
This is how it works: when you go out and buy a bunch of green onion for the next time you make something like fried rice, don`t just cut off the roots, cut above the white region just a little into the green region, then you can just find a little cup or container that will keep the stalks upright, add some sink water stick in the green onions root side down into the water. and within days it will have started growing! I have found that these don`t grow as long as the ones at the stores do, however they do grow pretty fast, and will keep growing! :D It`s lots of fun, and very cool to use the fresh green onion when cooking! Remember that the green onion sucks up the water in the cup pretty fast so be sure to check and refill as necessary!!

Have you ever tried this? If not I do suggest you try! Just for the fun of it, easy way to enjoy the pleasures of growing things!

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