Growing My Own Food

3 years ago

I`ve really been into eating healthy (with the exception of some late-night snacks with my friend... see my previous food post, haha) and watching where my food comes from. I try to buy food grown in the U.S. and, if possible, from local farms. When I lived in PA, I bought a lot of my food from the Amish. Now that I`m in FL, I try to buy the fruits that are grown locally. Most fruit around here comes from Plant City, which isn`t too far. Still, I like to be smart about my food.

I have always wanted to grow some of my own food and herbs. My family likes to plant and grow things organically every year so I wanted to try doing so for myself. I was very careful about my seed selection, though. 90% of the seeds in the world are owned BY ONE COMPANY (google `Monsanto` if you`re interested. If you`ve never heard of them, you`re in for a surprise - they control almost ALL the food you eat. Yes, ONE COMPANY does. And that`s scary when you think about it, especially because no one seems to know!). And they`re all genetically modified. It is very difficult to find `real` seeds anymore, but I came across a wonderful website that sells non-GMO, organic seeds!

SeedsNow sells lots of fruit, vegetable, and herb seeds that are NOT genetically modified and are organic. I bought 6 different types of seeds and they gave me some free tomato ones, too! How nice! Each little pack of seeds cost only 99 cents. It`ll definitely be worth it if I manage to grow them correctly! I also bought some seed pellet starters to get the seeds going before transferring them to bigger pots.

The thing I`m most worried about trying to grow is melon. I`m really going to have to look into how to do it!

I`m also concerned about insects... we have some insane bugs down here in FL and I want to make sure my food doesn`t get eaten before it gets to me! I`m actually thinking of growing a lot of the plants inside to be safe... we`ll see!

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