Grocery Store Haul and Reviews!

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! Sorry for my inactivity. February`s been a really busy month for me so far. I don`t really see it calming down for a while, considering I have four tests this week, then studying for SATs! But I figured I had time to show you all hauls of what I`ve bought this weekend. :)

Here`s what I bought:

-Jalapeno Ranch chip`ins
-Stacy`s Simply Gingerbread pita chips
-Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate brownie mix
-Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate chewy granola bars

I bought these Friday night, so I`ve actually gotten to try everything except for the brownie mix.

The huge bag of chip`ins were from Costco. The size was only available at the store for a limited time; sadly they stopped selling them on Sunday (yesterday- or at least in my local store). Chip`ins are popcorn chips, which have been popping up recently. They`re much healthier than other types of chips, being all natural, whole grain, and having no trans fat, gluten, cholesterol, artificial flavors, OR preservatives. I grabbed the bag just to read that, and I`m actually munching on some as I`m typing this, lol. Anyway, the texture is nice and crispy, and in my opinion the flavor is spicy enough without feeling a need to gulp down a gallon of water after every bite. Of course, this depends on your taste bud sensitivity. And if you`re not a spicy food fan, they have other great flavors too!

I actually stumbled upon the bag of pita chips at Wal-Mart. I wasn`t hunting it down, but nevertheless bought it anyway. I was a little surprised that they had it in stock, considering the holiday season ended a while ago. Anyway, these chips are great. They have the perfect gingerbread flavor and are great for snacking.

I`m a huge fan of chewy granola bars, and the cherry dark chocolate flavor is my fave. The Kashi version was good, but not great. Personally, I think the Archer Farms brand from Target had a little bit more sweetness, which I preferred. To do a quick comparison, a Kashi bar has thirty less calories and 1 g less fat. The Archer Farms alternative has 25 g less sodium and 0 g saturated fat whereas Kashi has 0.5 g. Both have no artificial flavors, 4 g fiber, 8 g sugar, and 0 g trans fat. To be honest, I don`t look this much into nutrition facts, but I hoped this helped some of you!

As for the brownie mix, my mom and I have had a relatively big appetite for brownies lately. We almost finished an entire pan that I baked two weeks ago, which is a pretty amazing feat. It`s a bad tendency of mine to be tired of brownies as soon as I eat about 1/3 of the pan, and my mom doesn`t really have a sweet tooth. Hopefully these brownies will be great. :)

These reviews have been pretty long, but I hope you guys enjoyed the post! Also, sorry for the bad quality of the picture; hurriedly shot it with my iPod Friday night.

*Picture is mine. Please do not steal.

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