Grimm, Why`d you have to show that?

Ok, Grimm fans. If you watched this week`s episode, you understand what the title to this blog is about. On tonight`s episode it began with a should I say this? A nausiating appetite. The show was about spiders and you know what they showed on tv? A woman vomiting into another guy`s mouth. I don`t know if eating five minutes before had anything to do with this, but I felt queesy after that and didn`t want to see it happen again. I can watch blood being drawn and organs, but my kryptonite is vomit. If I see someone vomit, or I hate to think, touch it...well you know what will happen. So, I kept my hands close to my eyes and grimaced everytime it looked like it would happen.

Am I the only one who did this? What is your kryptonite?

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