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Here comes another game review from me! This one is called GrimGrimoire! Released back in 2007 for the Playstaion 2, you take on the role of the protagonist Lillet Blan as she enters the prestigious wizard academy known as the Tower of the Silver Star in order to become a renown wizard to help support her poor farm family out in the country.

The gameplay`s controls are in a Real Time Strategy layout. In the game you must summon, command, and direct different familiars in battle. Directing some to gather mana from "Mana Crystals," ordering others to take a defensive pose, while commanding others to attack. Those of you who love playing RTS games should be familiar with this type of battle style so you should catch on quickly. But for those of you who aren`t familiar with that kind of game play (such as myself) it may take you a while to get the feel of the game. However the pay off is a fun and exciting game. Graphics for the game are pretty well done. The battle scenes are quiet lively and fast paced once enemies start battling your forces, and as the battles get bigger and bigger as the game progresses, you`ll be pressed hard to keep up all over the place. In between battles are the story`s cut-scens and they are very excellently drawn and "animated." You see the characters in the cut-scenes are all done as animated character portraits. Meaning it`s one single drawing (or multiple similar drawings all put together) but the character (and some of the BGa) is manipulated to look as though they are moving, like with breathing, and doing some hand and facial gestures. This makes for a really unique and mesmerizing feel to the cut-scens and it really helps bring out the characters` personalities even more. Sound effects were very well made. The sounds during battle are very unique for each familiar and magical spell cast. It`s the combinations of these sounds in battle that really makes you think that you`ve gone into a real magical world! There are sound effects during the cut scenes but they are so well blended into the scenes that you hardly notice them, AND THAT`S A GOOD THING! It`s one thing to have sounds that sound awesome in battle. It`s quite another to have sounds and you don`t notice them becasue they are so well put together and blended well in the scene. The soundtrack was full of fun, whimsical, and hard battle songs that kept the game firmly in the magical world that you were in. In fact the soundtrack to the game ranked in the top ten best game soundtracks sold in Japan in 2007! Sadly this soundtrack is ONLY available in Japan. The voice acting for both the Japanese audio and the English audio are superb! And this is actually something very rare for me to say as with most games (and anime) that come of here form Japan usually have terrible English voice overs. Not GrmGrimoire! I really got into the game and loved the characters even more because the English dub was SO GOOD on this game. I`m very sure everyone else here would love it too! The story for the game is a VERY well written one and it`s excellently put together! The story is all about a girl named Lillet Blan as she is accepted into the The Tower of the Silver Star Wizard Academy with a scholarship. Already very bright and eager to learn, Lillet quickly starts to learn and pick up on all the tricks meant to be a wizard. However she soon finds herself stuck in a time loop of the 1st 5 days of school thanks to the mysterious Philosopher`s Stone! Discovering that everyone in the tower is killed on the 5th day by the tower`s "previous owner," Lillet sets off to learn as much as she can to eventually take down the 2 (yes two!) evils that not only threaten everyone in the tower, but also threaten the lives of everyone in the world should she fail! As she goes through her adventure she learns the 4 styles of magic: Glamour, magic of nature; Necromancy, magic of the underworld/dead; Sorcery, magic of the devils; and Alchemy, "magic" of potions and man-made creatures known a Humuncli. The story and characters will have you laughing, crying, and cheering for joy as the story progresses. I can grantee you won`t find one thing about the story that is bad!

So all in all this is one VERY EXCELLENTLY put together game. The only down side I could find is that it`s relativity short. You can complete it within a coupe of days. But that doens`t mean it`s a bad game, quite the opposite! The very fun and intestine battle scenes and the fun and captivating story will keep you entertained no matter how many times you play! So yes I do HIGHLY recommend this game for anyone looking for the nice magical world or RTS game to play!

Now I wonder when Japan will ever make an anime of this....

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