Grilled Pacific Saury

4 years ago

I adore seafood, especially fish. However, I refuse to eat steamed fish, I really don`t like the silky texture of steamed fish, I prefer them grilled.

This was a grilled pacific saury that I ordered at a Japenese restaurant one day.

As you can tell, it has been grilled to the point where its been a bit charred, which was fine since it gave the fish a nice smokey taste.

You have to add lemon juice to the pacific saury as it has quite a strong fishy smell to it. But the lemon juice takes care of that. Because the fish is so small, you can also eat the bones without fear that it cuts your esophagus.

Grilled pacific saury is a very flakey fish and inside, there`s usually a huge sac of cooked roe that`s very crunchy and crumbly when you eat it. The fish itself has a strong taste, similar to that of grilled makerel. If you add some salt to it, it enhances the taste.

Have you guys tried this?

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