Grilled Eel

4 years ago

In Shanghai, there`s a quite famous dish involving eel. I`m not quite sure what the Mandarin name is as I only know the Shanghainese counterpart and because Shanghainese is a dialect, I`m unable to type it out. It`s called "Caw zu si" in Shanghainese.

What it is is a dish involving the fatty part of the eel. It gets sliced into very thin pieces, each about half the length of your fingernail and half the circumference.

They then marinate these eel pieces in a mixture of soy sauce, soy bean paste, onions, garlic and black bean paste. Once its been marinated, it is then grilled. You end up with a fairly dark dish consisting of eel and this sauce. The eel retains most of the flavor and the sauce is really for mixing into rice. It`s very savory and rich, but eating large quantities is not that great because in Chinese medicine, the ingredients used to make this dish are considered a bit "toxic" to your health, meaning it will spurn on breakouts and allergic reactions.

However, this is a must try for anyone going to Shanghai as it is one of the more famous dishes and its very delicious.

You will note a huge difference, if you eat it in the Shanghainese restaurants in North America vs China, as the eels they use are different in quality. The Chinese eels are more fatty leading to silkier and smoother meat.

Hope that helps.

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