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2 years ago

Strangely anything with green tea is a must try for me. So when I came across these mints at the cash register/check out, I knew I had to try it. The mints I picked up were Sen Cha Green Tea Leaf Mints in Tropical Mango. I personally have never heard of them before, but the cute packaging and flavour got to me.

An interesting thing that caught my eye was that on the packaging, it says that three mints were equal to ~1 cup of green tea antioxidants. I am not very certain if this statement is entirely true...but it`s a great sales pitch. Also on the package, it says that it`s naturally sugar-free, which is great.


-Packaging: At the register there were two colours to choose from: lime green and a taupe brown. The package I picked up was the lime coloured one. I thought the lime green was `cuter` and I liked how it would stand out if I were trying to find it in my bag. The window that displays the mints is plastic while the rest of the body is made of metal. The design to open this is a twist-off, which is more secure than a pop-off lid.

-Size: Each package is 28g or 1oz. This package fits nicely in the palm of my hands (I have small hands).

-Taste: When you first pop this into your mouth, there is an instant sweet taste. There is a hint of mint that`s not very strong. Also surprisingly, I found that the mango flavour was more noticeable than the green tea flavour. I was expecting it to be more green tea and minty than mango. But overall, I enjoyed the taste of them. I don`t mind the mango overpowering the green tea flavour since mango is one of my favourite flavours. However, the mints don`t last very long. If you were to just leave them to dissolve, they would probably last a minute. But I enjoy chewing on them so they don`t last very long.

-Price: For one package, I found it to be more expensive than other brands such as Tic Tacs. A package of Sen Cha mints is a little over $5.

-Country of manufacture: These mints are made in Los Angeles, CA.

Overall, I enjoyed the taste of these mints and the packaging is quite cute. Would I buy these again? Yes,I would but I probably wouldn`t buy them very often since they are a bit overpriced. I think these would be cute to give in party favours.

Have you tried these before? What are your favourite mints?

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