Green Tea Ice Cream( YUMM!

5 years ago

So Since my boyfriend&I had a day off from work we decided to go eat at Tomi Buffet Which is at Eastridge Mall In San Jose,CA It is pretty Good. & They have a lot of different foods and sushi as well(; Its way cheaper to go at lunch time its only $11.95 for lunch and for dinner i think its like $20 or something like that not to sure but the buffet is really good and they also have you can go to the middle section and you can order what soup or noodle soup you may want as well which is awesome. I go here once in a while when i have time but i can`t go all the time because i`ll get tired of the food lol well for me because i only eat certain stuff from there but ill never get tired of eating their GREEN TEA ICE CREAM! Its so YUMMY! Omg well any green tea ice cream is Good haha. I usually tried it with strawberries as well for my second time getting green tea ice cream sorry i didn`t take a second picture but yeah. it wasn`t to bad. Lunch is a good deal the only seafood they had there for lunch was baked i think or boil fish and some sushi and shrimp i think dinner as way more stuff but double the price but if you love seafood you should try this place. its always crowded here but if you only have like 2 or 4 ppl its a short waiton the Weekday But i think Weekend is such a long wait you gotta come early cause its gets pack fast.

Have you tried this place?
What you think about it?
Do you like the Green Tea Ice Cream?
Let me Know(;


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