Green Smoothies and Weighloss

3 years ago

Ive been a really fan of green smoothies lately.. In fact Im having one right now at I write this.. and yea..Its friggen delicious!

Im obsessed about all the different kind of smoothies there are.. so many flavors so many ingredients. its so easy and fats to do and the health benefits..Ive lost 7 kilos or around 14 pounds in 3 months withour doing exercises!!! wow I mean I would usually snack some oreos and milk.. or maybe chocolate but now Im hanging with my smoothie recipes all day..I havent done any crazy diets either .. I still have my cheat meals and cheat weeks even.. :( but its changing habits little by little that makes a difference at the end.

This one is one of my favorites for sure and really cheap and easy to find ingedients which are:

Coconut milk

Im really bad with portions so just grab a handful of each haha.

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