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Most morning for breakfast I make myself a green smoothie. Im not really a breakfast person at all and to eat breakfast early in the morning like before 9am just makes me sick. I dont know what it is but I just dont like eating breakfast so Ive been making smoothies for breakfast for a long time now. So instead of eating I just drink my breakfast so I thought Id just share one of my most common on that I make.
I use a Magic Bullet blender which is super convenient since you just blend up everything in the cup and you can drink out of it which of course saves time on having to wash dishes. Also since a magic bullet is very small it barely takes up space on my kitchen counter so I dont have to set up a huge blender every morning because that would be a hassle if I didnt have this.
So in my smoothie I have; frozen strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and mangoes with usually half a large banana or a whole small banana, a ton of spinach, cucumber, coconut water and some ice. Depending on how much strawberries or blueberries you add the color of the smoothie varies and the odd color can look unpleasant but it tastes so good! This one in the picture didnt have as much blueberries as I usually do so it still looked green.
I always have the frozen fruits and spinach on hand so making this daily isnt too much of a problem for me. You can of course add whatever you like but this is my basic ingredients that I use. With the coconut water and cucumber it tastes really refreshing and it really doesnt taste like your eating veggies which is awesome!

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