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2 years ago

With midterm season here, staying late at school is a given. What`s a student to do for a break, eat of course! You need some good food to keep yourself going with readings and notes. While on campus, after walking around to see what was still open (not much), I decided to get some Greek Food for dinner. I always had a liking for `Greek` food from Opa (not the real thing but still good), so I thought this store would be good as well.

I decided to pick up the Souvlaki Plater since it had a little bit over everything. But the ironic thing is that this doesn`t even look like a souvlaki. It just has donair meat instead. Besides the shreds of donair meat, there was a small potato (cut in half to make it seem like there was more), some Greek salad, two small triangles of pita bread, and some cold pasta salad.


-Look: The platter looks appetizing and it`s colourful looking. I like how basically all the food groups are covered in terms of meat, veggies, and grains. From the picture, there looks like there was a lot of food, but that was not the case because the take out container was pretty small.

-Taste: The donair meat was alright. I found it too dry and salty. The pasta salad didn`t really have much taste to it except that it tasted quite vinegary. Don`t let the spices on the potatoes fool you; they tasted bland. The pita bread was fine but I wished there was dip with it. And lastly the Greek salad was not bad, except that it was more like a tomato salad instead.

-Price: This container was around $9 which is alright.

Overall this Greek meal was okay. Not the best `Greek` food I have had, it could have been a lot worse. Out of everything, I enjoyed the Greek salad the most. Would I buy this again? Probably not since I could take that $9 and use it elsewhere or add a few more dollars for better tasting food. Hopefully one day I will be able to taste real Greek food in Greece!

Have you tried Greek food before?

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