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4 years ago

I`ve had a really stressful two weeks, i found out i will have to go to my current college them for a year longer than i had planned and spend a lot more money.
On top of it i have to find where that money is going to come from!
To add to my stress i`ve been feeling under the weather all week and no matter how much i sleep i still feel exhausted.
I decided to take a hot bath the other night and relax.
As is was going through the cupboard to find some of bath stuff i came across a crushed up Bubble Bar from lush i had purchased when i was home over Christmas break.
I remember i left it at home because we didn`t have a bath at school.
This was such a great find i couldn`t wait to soak in the tub with the sweet fruity scent from the far and hot pink water.
This one is the comforter it`s originally a pink and white bar.

It`s supposed to make you feel relaxed and well comfortable! it certainly did the trick, My muscles were nice and relaxed for the rest of the night and i had a good nights sleep.

<strong>Conversation starters</strong>
What do you when you`re stressed?
Any advice on getting some extra cash for school?

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