Great Value Brand Cinnamon Rolls

2 years ago

I was running some errands at Walmart and happened to be walking by the frozen section. So I decided to scan around and see what they had that would interest me. Well, I happened to pass by their already made cinnamon rolls in those tube containers and decided to pick up one to try. They had the Pillsbury brand and the Great Value brand. I decided to give the Great Value one a try since it was cheaper and I heard that generic brands are about the same to name brands. Well I can`t say for sure cause I haven`t tried the Pillsbury brand cinnamon rolls so I can`t compare these two. But I can say that these were easy to bake and it came along with its own icing which is also included inside the tube. There are 8 cinnamon rolls altogether. All you have to do is place it on a baking sheet or a 9` round pan and bake them for around 10 minutes or so, I forgot how long I had baked them. Then you let it cool for a bit before drizzling it with icing. To me, these were mediocre cinnamon rolls. It didn`t live up to my expectations. It didn`t taste as good as the ones you would get from the grocery store or bakeries. The icing was ok too, not my favorite. I`ve had better tasting icing before. I don`t think I will be buying this again. The only good thing about these is that you could have it ready within minutes out from the fridge. I might give the Pillsbury one a try, not sure about it though. Or I just might make my own from scratch.
Have you tried these and what do you think of them?

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