Grass-fed Organic New York Steak

My boyfriend and I are trying this `healthy lifestyle diet` ever since I got the stomach flu from eating out last week. Eating healthy is quite expensive, even more expensive then dining out in my opinion now that we`re leaning toward organic, all natural, grass fed foods but it`s okay - health first! This is the steak my boyfriend made for lunch his lunch. This is a grass fed organic New York Steak from Sprouts, this was $15.99 a lb which is crazy but for this piece it was a little over $4 which isn`t bad, just very small. Overall: The steak was quite juicy and not bad for being our first attempt. Practice makes perfect and what`s great is you see the oil/fat drip which wasn`t much for this!


-Olive oil
-1 clove garlic
-Kosher salt
-Fresh ground black pepper

Recipe Directions:
-Preheat Foreman Grill closed for at least 5 minutes.

1. Brush both sides with olive oil. Season with fresh ground black pepper and kosher salt.

2. Grill steak for 4-7 minutes of medium-rare doneness. Grill 6-9 minutes for medium doneness. Turn steak 1/4 turn if desired for cross grill marks. Let steak rest 5 minutes before serving.

He found this recipe from - There are other recipes for burgers, chicken, steak, sandwiches, and etc if you`re interested. This website is for beginners using their George Foreman Grill.

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