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5 years ago

This app is $2.99 but if you are taking calculus or similar math class, it is much cheaper than those $100 graphing calculator. It really depends on what you need it for, because it obviously doesn`t do as much as a $100 graphing calculator, but it did enough to get me through calculus 1. so saved me a lot of money!!

This app is user-friendly (as long as you understand when to use what features). It is really fastno lag in response when it is doing all its complex calculations. Handles functions (and color codes them too), has custom keyboards, parenthesis highlighting, differentials, integrals, roots, tracing, intersections, high-resolution exporting of graphs, keeps history for the last 15 calculations and does user defined constants.

This might sound boring, but if you are taking calculus and want to save some money, I highly recommend this. Also, if you use graphing a lot in your career, this would save you from having to carry around a graphing calculator!

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