Grape Ice

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers. Today I will teach you a recipe for a very good ice cream. Secalhar already heard what is called Grape Sorbet. It`s delicious and I suggest that you exprimentem. But it must have the following ingredients:

500 ml of grape juice
1 can (s) condensed milk
5 tablespoon (s) (soup) of sugar
1 unit (s) of egg white in snow

How come, does not take much, thing. Praparaçõa mode is also quite easy:

Hit the blender first 3 ingredientes.Acrescente the egg whites very stiff.
Bring this mixture to the freezer and when solidify, remove and whisk again until the ice cream creamy, soft and without crystals. Place in a bowl and place in the freezer to firm again.

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