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Many people consume granola , but unaware of their composition and what benefits it has to offer to health.
The granola is a mixture of ingredients comprising a variety of grains
and other elements such as cereals and others.
The granola can be found in various versions and flavors.

It can be consumed with milk , yogurt , fruit or other accompaniment.
benefits :
The granola not only improves intestinal transit , and lowers cholesterol and cancer incidence in the intestine .
Not to mention that the proper functioning of the gut gives more available and reflected in the skin, which is more beautiful. The granola is also an ally in the fight against aging , since the minerals , especially selenium and zinc are antioxidants and help maintain the ever young cells .
However, only the regular consumption of granola is not sufficient for good results. It must be part of a complete and balanced diet and be a health food from a varied menu options .
This was done by me granola , delicious but while quite healthy.


50 g of wheat germ
50 g of wheat bran
250 g of oat flakes
2 teaspoons yeast

20 g of each : walnuts, almonds with skin, hazelnuts
25 g of each seed : sesame , sunflower, linseed

50 g of goji berries

60 g of sesame oil
60 g of honey
2 teaspoon of cinnamon

Turn oven , 160 ยบ .
Coarsely grind walnuts , almonds and hazelnuts .
Add the other dry ingredients ( the first 4 of the list and seeds ) in a large bowl and mix well .
Bring to the boil the oil and honey and cinnamon .
Involved in this prepared mixture of dry ingredients until everything is uniformly moist .
Line the trays with baking paper and spread the mixture and bring to a roasting 20 minutes.
Remove from oven , add the goji berries and chill well .
Store in a tightly closed container.

I hope you enjoy

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