Grandma`s Birthday feast

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So for my grandma`s bday (which was a while ago in Jan) we normally go out to Asian Restaurants to eat and we always order seafood. Since we`re in Australia, we love our seafood and it`s fresh here too.

The photos show what we typically order when we head to to these types of Asian restaurants for any special occasion. Steamed oysters
Curried crab (though we normally just have ginger and shallots we tried something different today and it was WORTH IT)
cold seasoned chicken? idon`t know how else to describe this one lol
steamed fish (what ever fish is in season)
alabone dish (we order them whole most of the time, but for this meal, we went for a disht hat had vegetables and chicken feet in it as well)
Sticky fried rice (because it`s my grandma`s fav)

And at the end of meals, it`s expected of this restaurants to give desserts in the form of warm soup/syrup and then fruit to follow as well. In this particular one, we had pumpkin sago soup, and normally it`s just green bean or red bean paste soup which i HATe, but this i finished in a heartbeat hehe

Thanks for dropping by, all photos taken on iphone 4s and are all mine

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