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Here`s comes another game review by me! This one is called Grand Theft Auto III! Released back in 2001 for the PS2 and 2002 for Windows PCs, you play as the protagonist named Claude as he goes around Liberty City working for various crime lords such as the Mafia, a dirty high ranking cop, and the Yakuza, all the while seeking revenge on his X-Girlfriend and her he large drug running cartel for leaving him to die after shooting him after a botched bank robbery.

The gameplay`s controls are completely overhauled from the 1st 2 GTA games becasue of the new game engine. You still control your character with the joystick and use the various buttons to control actions like shooting weapons, stealing cars, activating controls, and running and jumping around. These controls are a VAST improvement over the 1st 2 GTA games which now allowed for a more personal experience. Graphics saw and complete change from the 1st two GTA games. Gone was the irritating and useless top-down camera view (although you could cycle the camera view to it if you wanted) and in was a behind the character 3rd person shooter camera. No longer was the city a 2D map like area but now it was a true 3D modeled world you could walk, drive, and interact with on a more personal basis. This new 3D modeled world finally got the GTA series on the gameing map and it soon became a best seller just for this. Sound effects were also VASTLY different and better from the 1st 2 GTA games. Cars now actually sounded like cars, weapons actually sounded very realistic and other various city sounds that you`d hear in real life were in the game as well. This truly made the game very immersive and gave a more realistic feel to the game. The Soundtrack was also heavily improved. As with the other GTA games all the cars had the ability to pick up different radio stations throughout the city, and most of these were already tuned into stations that reflected the kind of car you stole. There was even an all talk radio station this time. However the PC version had the ability to import mp3 songs from your own playlist essentially making and endless song list. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!???? The game also included more interactive dialogue cinematics allowing you to receive your mission orders and such via a better movie like scene. This also helped to immerse the player into a more true real life story line. And speaking of the story, the story to the game this time WAS essential to the game. As you couldn`t get to other areas of the city unless you completed a number of missions for a particular group. As an example, at the beginning of the game, as you`re being carted off in the prisoner van, the bridge that the van is on gets bombed and you`re set free. From then on the bridge that leads to the other parts of the City remains collapsed until you complete your missions for the Mafia. And in order to get the to the 3rd part of the city you have to complete another set of missions for the Yakuza. The story of the game is somewhat complicated but is easy to follow if you pace yourself. But like the other GTA games that came before, you can also just randomly go around the city and do stuff on your own. Taking a nice stroll down the street, stealing a car and have a nice cruise, or just going around and randomly shooting other people and cars. You can even do side-view drive by shootings! You can even steal airplanes (sort of) and boats! Be careful though! The police and military are even deadlier in this game. The cops even have their own helicopter that will shoot at you! You can shoot back at it and shoot it down. But you need the rocket launcher for that.

All in all this game is incredibly fun and very long to play. There`s literally no end to the game even after you`ve completed all the major story missions. This game is rated M for a reason though and this game should NOT be played by anyone under the age of 16 at the very least. If you`re a fan of the GTA series then I highly recommend this game for you. Personally speaking this was actually my 1st ever GTA game, after playing this one I went back and got the 1st two and played them.

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