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Here comes another game review by me! This one is called Grand Theft Auto 2. Released back in 1999 and 2000 on the PC, PlayStation 1, and the Sega Dreamcast, you play as an unnamed protagonist who goes thoughout Liberty City doing jobs for various gangs and crime syndicates including the Yakuza. These missions aren`t necessary since you are allowed to free-rome around the city and do what you want.

The gameplay`s controls are nearly identical to that of GTA 1 with just a few minor changes to improve controllability of the various vehicles and aiming of weapons. These little improvements were a welcome feel for fans form the 1st GTA as they were more smooth and less stiff from the 1st game. Graphics for the game saw a big jump in quality from the 1st game. Though the game is still played with the top-down camera, vehicles, people, buildings, and their various actions were better drawn, modeled, and animated. These vast quality improvements were very welcomed and were praised by both critics and fans alike as GTA 2 got much higher ratings. I have to agree. The PC version of the game allowed you to play the game in 2 different time modes. Either at noon or at dusk. Noon was only available in the PS1 version and the Dreamcast could only be played at dusk. The noon time mode saw a drop in graphics details since a lot of the lighting effects were removed since the sun is right over head, however the dusk time mode allowed for much grater lighting and shadow effects detail including police lights flashes reflecting off of building windows and such. Sounds effects however only saw minor improvements from the 1st game. There were some improvement in vehicle and weapons sounds, but not much else. The Soundtrack to the game did get a boost though. Once again the radio stations picked up on the various vehicles, showed just what kind of music was being listened to. Pick-up trucks with country music, gang cars with rap music playing, Yakuza cars with calm oriental or techno music playing and etc. Again the songs were set to loop but they came in very clear and some were quite enjoyable to listen to. Another good quality to the game is that each area of the city you played in had 5 different stations to listen to. Making a total of 25 stations this time. Emergency vehicles however could only pickup emergency broadcasts. The story of the game is again somewhat basic. You go through the game and do various jobs for various gangs and crime syndicates in Liberty City. Doing everything from simple drug running and ditching hot cars to assisting in bank robberies, assassinations, and destroying/gunning down various vehicles, people, and buildings. Again doing these missions wasn`t critical to the game`s completion as you`re allowed to free-rome around the city and do what ever you want. And you could earn points/cash doing other various little jobs like stealing cars or gunning down civilians or police. Be careful though as this game allowed for more heavily armed law enforcement to chase you as your wanted level went up until the army would eventually be called in on you. There is also various bonus item you can earn in the game such as collecting 8 special hard to reach cars, that you can then play later in the game at anytime you want such as a firetruck that has a flame thrower instead of a hose making it a true "FIRE" truck!

All in all I thought this game was a great improvement over the original GTA 1. MY brother an I have played this game repeatedly and have loved almost every minute of it (expect the times we got killed of course :p) So I highly recommend it for someone who is a fan of the GTA series.

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