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Here comes another game review from me! This game is called Grand Theft Auto. Released back in 1997 and 1998 for the PC and the PS1, GTA (as it`s called for short) let`s you play 1 of 8 characters on the PC version or 1 of 4 characters on the PS1 version as you go around the 3 cities of Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City and do various jobs for various crime lords. (or not since you`re free to wonder anywhere in the game)

The gameplay`s controls are rather simple for the most part. using the top-down camera position you`re able to control your character as you walk, run, and drive around the 3 cities using the joystick/keyboard. Using other various keys on the keyboard or the other buttons on the controller you are able to fire and cycle through different weapons and radio stations in cars. Graphics for the game were pretty simple even for a 32 bit game, pretty much becasue of the top-down camera position. The top-down camera also hampered your view of what was in front and behind you through out the game, and many times you could be shot or hit by a speeding car without even knowing it was there until it was right on top of you. Despite these drawbacks in graphics the game did get very decent reviews from critics and fans alike. But many saw room for improvement. Sounds effects for the game were also relatively simplified. From the weapons, car noises, people around your character, and other various sounds, they all had a simple feel to them and really didn`t help immerse you into the game very well. However they did do the job of keeping the game entertaining and sometimes comical (especially the sound of running over people, such a funny crunchy/smashing sound). The Soundtrack however is the best thing about the game. There`s the basic song for when your out on the street (this can be turned off) however it really gets good when you steal a car and turn on it`s radio. Up to 20 different stations can be listened to, although they are made to loop. However the songs and stuff (especially the country song) are very funny or harsh to listen to. Each song has it`s own unique quirk to it. Even the rap songs are a parody of the real thing. The story to the game is somewhat basic. You go around the 3 cities of Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City working for various crime lords and mob bosses doing everything from simple dumping hot cars jobs, to bank robberies, assassinations. or even building bombing. Another good aspect of the story is that you don`t even have to follow it. You`re allowed freedom to anywhere you want within the cities. You can take a nice stroll or start shooting up the area around you! Beware of the cops and army though. Get too many wanted badges on you and you`re in for a shoot out with the law or armed forces!

All in all this is a rather fun game. It may not be the best and is rated M because of all the violence, but it`s the game that started the entire GTA game series. It`s a decent game to get into the series with and I recommend it.

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