Grand Canyon South Rim

5 years ago

My husband and I decided to visit the Gran Canyon on a whim. We did very little research and just said "lets go!" The plan was to do the Skywalk. A section in the Grand Canyon that has a glass walk where it looks like you are floating and can literally see the canyon beneath you. BUT, huge but, since we didn`t look into it we were on the wrong side. It would have taken another 3hrs to get to the Skywalk which is located on the West Rim. I had no idea how large the Grand Canyon was. We were only on 2 sections, I will be showing 1 today since its a lot of images, and it took 6 hours. On top of that we didn`t get to see all of the view points.

The view was absolutely stunning! It was like looking at a painting or pictures. It was just surreal. In the drive towards the view points we encountered deers. They just were so peaceful. Some even walked up to people who were taking pictures. A few mosied (sp) across the path and held up traffic. Like they wanted to make sure their beauty wasn`t missed.

The 1st portion we walked took 4hrs since there were so many view points. I wore flats because I thought it would be too chilly to wear flip flops, and I quickly regretted it. My feet were killing me!

A lot of the view points had metal gates that were length at the very edge of the Canyon. There were also some ares where one could climb down and get a closer look. I refused to do those but my hubby did. I was just too afraid of being so close to the edge without the barrier. Plus since I was wearing flats I was afraid that if I climbed down I would`nt be able to climg back up.

When I got home and viewed the pictures I just couldn`t stop staring. I`ve kept myself out of the pictures since there were so many, but I will post them on an ootd.

*Note* Our hotel was only 1 mile away so we were pretty close. The cost to get in with a car which we did was $25. They don`t charge per person. The $25 pass was also good for an entire week.

Have you been to the Grand Canyon or would like to? What did you think?

Images are my own. Some taken with my camera, some with my phone. Images are from Mather Point and the walk leading towards it.

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