Graffiti Art Bathroom Style!

5 years ago

I was so taken back by the vast amount of art in a local coffee shops (or as they refer to themselves a coffeehaus) bathroom (yes, I said bathroom!) that I had to snap a few pictures of it. The reason the bathroom looks this was is because this particular coffee shop is located downtown, not too far from a community college and university campus. The area it is in is particularly artsy. There are a few art studios on the street its on, while there are also lofts for rent to artists and artists only on this particular strip. The vibe of the coffee shop itself is very unique, artsy and hippy-ish. The seating area has sofas in it, chairs, booths, tables of various heights, etc. Think Starbucks, but a LOT more relaxed environment, with much cheaper beverages and food (minus the chocolate covered smores). They offer open mic nights for local musicians, etc. Its a very relaxed vibe where they want people to come out, be social and relax.

The bathroom was painted by local artists. It has a very catchy vibe to it. I particularly loved the hands that are coming together under the mirror that states We Watching You in regards to washing your hand after using the facilities. There are many different aspects and layers presented here and regardless of how many times you look at it, I find I always notice something else. There are aliens, monsters, tribal masks, figures, insects, animals, etc. Many are in elaborate shades and I am pretty sure the bright green paint glows in the dark. It was bad enough I was taking pictures of the walls in there; I didnt want to start flipping the lights on and off haha.

Have you ever been someplace and been surprised to find art somewhere you didnt expect it?

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