Gradient Striped Blouse Review

I posted a haul on this Gradient Striped blouse from Forever21 not too long ago. I`ve worn it a few times and watched it twice since then. It does withstand in the wash pretty well. I put it in on a delicate cycle and air dry it. There are two things I don`t like about this top. The first are the buttons. When you button it, it gets all stringy, like when you loop it through the hole and then button it, a thread comes loose and tangles up. The second thing I don`t like about this top is the fit on the shoulders. It`s constricting, so when I do things, I can feel the shoulder line digging into my shoulder.

The two things I do love about this blouse are the soft, yet structured collars. I like that they aren`t stiff, but they still keep their shape and lay flat. It`s nice that they`re black and have a nice contrast with the rest of the blouse. The second thing I love about this blouse is the gradient effect with the stripes. It`s black and white strips, they had to come up with some way to not make it look too prison-like!

Overall, I like the design of this blouse enough to continue wearing it, but it`s not something I`m 100% in love with and would recommend. It`s still available at Forever. They have other versions of this design. One is a sleeveless blouse and another is a long sleeve with peak-a-boo shoulders. I would suggest trying it on first before buying.

<em>Have you seen this pattern blouse at Forever 21? Do you like it?</em>

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