Grab a Buddy amp do Sit UpsPush Ups together?!

Looking through my old photos, I came across this photo of the guys partnering up with a buddy to do sit ups and push ups with each other. The coach at the moment said it`s a good workout for two guys to work out together which is oddly strange and I bet uncomfortable for the guys too. One guy will be on the floor doing push ups while the other guy is on the guys back to do sit ups. They alternate, so one push up then one sit up and then after awhile they switch so the guy doing sit ups is now doing push ups.

The purpose of this work out?
I have no clue. The coach said it`s a good way of getting to know your partner and it`s to ensure both people are doing stretches. I think it`d be easier to just count your partners sit ups/push ups and alternate.

Do I think this is a good work out? Nope! And, I am glad I didn`t have to.

Do you have a work out buddy? Do you do anything with your body that requires the two of you to cooperate with each other? For instances, spotting when you lift weights perhaps?

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