GPS Shoes - Find your way home!

Have you ever been so drunk to the point that you couldn`t find your way home? Me, no but I`m sure it does happen. This concept called <em>No Place Like Home shoes</em> are dress shoes for men with an integrated GPS that helps guide you home.

How does these shoes work? There is a GPS integrated in the shoes. The receiver is in the heel, the left shoe has a circular LED light which indicates which direction you should walk while the right shoe points a straight line indicating where you should go to get to your destination.

<strong>What do you think of this concept?</strong>
I think the overall concept is smart, this GPS shoe "idea" could be used for camping, hikers, children (not the overall dress shoe but the concept behind it).

<strong>Do you think our shoes will have some sort of technology in them in the future?</strong> Our phones do.. I think perhaps our shoes will too.. so if you`re ever kidnapped or something or can`t be contacted you can be contacted via GPS (freaky, but our phones already can why not what`s on our feet? Not something I would invest money into though.

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