Government Shuts Down !!!

Ummm should we be scared cause I`m a little freaked out about this!!!
1. HUGE NUMBER OF FURLOUGHS: As many as 800,000 of the country`s 2.1 million federal workers could be furloughed as the result of a shutdown.

2. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ON HOLD: The head of the Environmental Protection Agency says that the regulator would `effectively shut down` without a deal to fund the government. The EPA wouldn`t be able to pay its employees and most of its regulatory functions would be put on hold until a deal is reached.

3. DISEASE MONITORING: In the event of a shutdown, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would have to halt a critical seasonal influenza program that monitors the spread of the flu.

4. NUTRITION SUPPORT SLASHED: The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, a program to provide healthy food for low-income pregnant women and new moms, would have its federal funding cut in the face of a shutdown.

5. MAKING THE BUDGET DEFICIT WORSE: Despite the Republican party`s insistence on fiscal responsibility, a government shutdown would `likely add to the budget deficit,` according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist Ethan Harris.

6. FOOD SAFETY: Most routine FDA food safety inspections would be suspended in the case of a shutdown.

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