Goulburn Valley Quencher: My First Time Trying It

5 years ago

I saw an ad for this a little while back and tv and thought it looked really nice. The tv ad gives off the feel this drink being really cool and refreshing, like REALLY refreshing! (well to me anyway).
I really wanted to try this drink! It looked great!!

I`ve seen the drink like everywhere but never bought it, but today I did. It`s quite expensive though.. I think I got it at 7/11 for around $4 which is actually more expensive than Vitamin Water which I thought was pretty pricey.

I was actually pretty disappointed with this drink. Haha wow it seems like i`m disappointed with basically everything new I try :P
To me it wasn`t refreshing.. It could be because it wasn`t cold when I tried it? Lol. ANYWAYS this drink was too sweet I guess for me and there was too much flavour. I thought it would be something like the Vitamin Water flavour but it wasn`t. It tasted weird. Not weird in a bad way, weird in a way.. Haha.. It tasted like cordial to me.

All in all I like it. Not the best though. I would buy it again but not all the time though..

[[image is mine, video isn`t]]

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