Got2b POWDER`ful Volumizing Styling Powder

4 years ago

I bought this volumizing powder on a whim after reading a glowing review of it on
xoJane. It cost $6.99. Although there is not very much product (just 10 m), I figured that if it worked, it was worth it! This volumizing powder is an unscented white powder that you are meant to rub between your palms and then finger-comb through your hair, focusing at the roots. The container comes in a shaker format. You are only supposed to shake a small amount into your hands, but I find that I need quite a bit to get any results. Even then, my hair does not get much oomph from this powder, even though I have short hair. I think the dry shampoos that I`ve tried (by TRESemme and Batiste) have given me more volume (and are more cost-effective). If I were to guess, I`d say that the texture of my hair is the issue here - it is VERY fine and slippery. Hair clips and bobby pins never stay in place when I use them, for example. If you hair is a bit thicker and/or less smooth, you might be able to get more lift and texture out of this product. Although I wasn`t exactly bowled over by this volumizing powder, the cool think about it was that when I rubbed it into my palms, it almost felt as if it liquefied! It was pretty cool, even though it didn`t help out my hair too much in the end.
Have you tried this product? Do you use any volumizing hair products? If so, what is/are your favourite(s)? ***Photos are my own; please do not take.

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