Got Potatoes?

5 years ago

These pictures are my own! Hi guys! so today was a very bad day. i was going through a lot and was super stressed out about school and work just made it a lot tougher when i have to deal with ignorant, disrespecting, mean customers. but...on my lunch break, one of my coworker totally made my day. she brought in these taqitos? i think i spelled it wrong, but o wells...well these taqitos had potatoes stuffed in it..which i had never tried it before..and i totally loved it! it was soooooo delicious. i dont know the actual name of it. but it was soooo good...i cannot stress how good this thing is...especially the green sauce. the green sauce is a chili sauce..i believe its made from jalepenos...and its called mole. theres red and green mole. but it was really good. one thing that i didnt like was how oily it heres how you eat it.
1. take some taqitos and place it on a plate
2. spread some of the green mole all over it..depending if u like it spicy ornot
3. add some sour cream
4. sprinkle some mozzerrela cheese on
5. finally, add some chopped lettuce/cabbage
6. enjoy your food(:
its nice to work with mexican people because i get to learn the different "real" mexican food other than the green burritos from Carls.

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