Got my iPad3 =D!

5 years ago

So I got my iPad 3 a few weeks ago, but I`ve been so busy playing with it I never got a chance to blog about it lol. Yes I know they call it the "New iPad" but I`m going to call it iPad 3 cuz that makes so much more sense. I waited 2 weeks after the release date to get it because I couldn`t be bothered with all the rush and crowds x_x! I ordered it online from Futureshop and it took 1 day to arrive lol so fast!

My thoughts are... IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT. I heard that there were some "over heating issues" but I haven`t experienced it getting any hotter than my bro`s iPad2 or any other tablet/portable electronic I`ve used. I also heard of some wifi issues but I haven`t experienced any of those either. I got the black one since I read so many articles against the white one haha and because I actually prefer the black one over the white :). So far I`ve been using it every day and have barely touched my desktop or laptop ever since. The battery life is true to what they said and I rarely ever charge it. I`ve been using it to read my magazines, watch my movies/tv shows, play a ton of games, and browse the internet etc. It`s been 3 weeks since I got it and I haven`t experienced any lag, freezes, or sudden restarts so yay!

I got this iPad as a belated bday/early graduation gift from my brother so thank you brother :)! In my opinion it is definitely worth it and the screen is extremely crisp and clear. However, if you already have an iPad2 I would suggest waiting for next year`s model since it isn`t too big of a leap.

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