Got My First Luuux Prize!!!

4 years ago

OMG I AM SOO EXCITED!! So today, I went out to watch my little brother`s science club class and afterwards, we kind of roamed the area and looked around for whatever we could find (I came home empty-handed though because I wasn`t in the mood to shop) and then right as I arrived home, my brother told me there was a box on my door and I was hoping SOO badly that it was my first Luuux prize which it was!!! I basically tore the bag open and this literally happened like 10 minutes ago so I haven`t gotten time to take a little photoshoot of my prize yet :P

I joined Luuux during about late February and I was finally able to order my first order in July! It was so fun blogging all the time and reading posts so the time like passed super quickly!

Here`s how my order went:
07/06/12- Order Created
07/11/12- Processing
07/19/12- Completed
07/21/12- RECIEVED!

I am really impressed with how quickly my order went because I have heard of it taking up to a month or two and mine didn`t take that long! In addition, I didn`t have any Luuux taken away which was really surprising to me, in a good way of course The part that I am the happiest about is that it only took 2 days to ship to me! It was SOO fast and I am one happy girl right now :`)

I ordered the 8gb Apple iPod Touch 4G and I am super happy with this! Like I would type in all caps right now but I don`t think that its really fun to read LOL. The package came really nicely and it was wrapped inside some air bag stuff so there was not even a scratch on the box!

<em>A big thanks to the moderator who went through my account! I didn`t get to know who you were but thank you so much! And also thank you for all of you who commented and rated my posts :) When I went through all of my posts to state that they were my own pics a while ago, I noticed that there were some people who commented on almost all of my posts! Thanks so much!</em>

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>

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