Got Jello Shots?

Hey there! This one is a bit special for your Monday.... I wanted you to find your happy places while you start your week!

This weekend I told a friend I`d help her with a suprise party for her husband and I was given the task of Jello Shots and Chocolate covered strawberries.... I got a little creative with my jello shots after looking up some images on the internet. It was my first time making jello shots... it was actually my first time making jello too. But it turned out pretty darn great if I must say so myself! Others said so too... I have actually been requested to do jello shots now at parties and they wanna pay me... how awesome is that?! lol

Anyway, I made 2 (technically 4 batches). With Berry Blueberry Jello & Lemon jello I combined Malibu Coconut Rum. I called those the mild ones, they weren`t very strong, but strong enough if you`re not really a drinker but you like a sweet drink.

The second batch, I call the serious batch. Not recommended for the light drinker... definitely for the seasoned folks! I used the Berry Blueberry and Strawberry Jello with Raspberry Vodka. These were so serious, I didn`t measure the vodka, I just poured... and then poured some more. But they were the best to me. I even scooped out some oranges and used the oranges peels to form the jello. Once the jello was set I cut them into slivers and that was a very fun treat by the end of the party!

I think starting a little business on the side making jello shots would be very fun! I`d meet lots of new friends at the parties! lol

So tell me, have you ever made jello shots? Have you tried them? Do you like them? Did I make you want a jello shot? ;)

***Images are my own... don`t be a thief.***

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